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What does the Front-Desk Officer represent?

For your clinic is the business card, the image of the clinic, the attitude of the clinic, everything that represents the first contact of patients with the clinic is represented by the person at the Front Desk. It is the super glue that keeps the business side of the clinic together, functioning and growing.

The role is very important, especially in the team.

Here are some of the roles of reception in a dental clinic:

  • The person at the Front Desk is the one who sets the tone in a dental clinic, is the one who first meets the patient on the phone, who listens and empathizes with him, who convinces him that to schedule at this clinic is the best decision he will make. In short, it is the warm, obedient, professional tone that does not judge but directs the patient to a specialist doctor’s consultation that can change that man’s life.
  • In addition to these skills, he also has many responsibilities and a crucial role in the daily operational flow in the dental clinic.
  • This person is responsible for the schedules made, maintaining an efficient and well-organized agenda, representing the order.

Reception behavior

The behavior must be impeccable, as the image matters, so do the attitude towards patients. Example:

  • Smile
  • Present him/herself when a new patient arrives (shaking hands with him/her)
  • Greeting the patient by saying his name
  • Have a polite speech and behavior (e.g. ask the person if he found the clinic easily)

What should be avoided in front of the patient?

  • Personal and political discussions
  • Discussions about other patients (very important for the patient to know that they can open his soul in front of the reception, so you will have all his/her confidence)
  • Whispering
  • Interruptions (if this happens the person apologizes and then after solving what was to be solved returns to the discussion with the respective patient)

Tasks and responsibilities of the Front-Desk Officer

  • Scheduling patients on the phone as well as when leaving the office (the patient does not have to leave the clinic without a proper appointment)
  • Internal program organization activities
  • Primary accounting (billing the treatments performed to the patients, daily reports, sending the invoices to the accounting)
  • Secretarial activities (providing the treatment sheets required by the doctors, ensuring the signing of the agreements and the GDPR by the patients, etc.)
  • Internal reporting
  • Conflict Resolution (when a patient is dissatisfied – it may happen – the role of the Front-Desk Officer is to smooth the conflict, speaking in a calm tone, giving the patient justice, making sure they calm down and explaining the situation – e.g. a delay of the doctor)