Talking to patients on a non-clinical level is very important.

Understanding patients is essential for their overall satisfaction and acceptance of the proposed plan. Give them time to listen to their non-clinical needs and benefits that will have the greatest impact on their lives. This enhances their experience.

When patients feel understood and appreciated, a warm and comfortable environment is created for them in your clinic. As experts in dental management, we will work with you to develop communication techniques that connect with your patients on a more personal level. In many cases, acceptance of treatment is more related to the benefits of personal lifestyle than to clinical explanations. They want to feel better understood than they want to understand the treatment plan.

The doctor and team must remember that patients are emotionally buying and intellectually justified. The two predominant emotional motivators are the fear of loss and the desire to win.

Skills that connect

Developing personal communication with your patients is an art and requires a large set of skills from your team. Below are some of the solutions that can help you:

  • Understand what patients want, not just what they need
  • Ask well-prepared questions to answer their personal wishes
  • Develop long-term personal relationships